Benefits of In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

Are you seeking help for fertility issues? IVF can help bring back the lost hope of bearing a child, back in your life!

Nowadays, many married couples are facing infertility and genetic problems and are in need of medical assistance for them to achieve a successful pregnancy. In-vitro fertilization is certainly the most popular treatment among other methods that can help tackle fertility and genetic issues. It is one of the methods performed in Assisted Reproductive Technology wherein the harvested eggs are made to fuse with the isolated, washed sperm in specialized laboratories (i.e. outside the female body), and then healthy embryos are implanted into the female womb. Zeeva Clinic, Best IVF Clinic in Noida offers the best fertility treatments that helps couples to achieve successful pregnancy.

Here are some of the benefits of IVF that make it the best option:

Overcome problems in conceiving a child: The IVF technique works best when all other infertility treatment fails. It can help in making a baby, a reality. Women with damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, premature ovarian failure, endometriosis condition, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and low ovarian reserve of eggs can all have a child by using IVF. Moreover, all infertile males and females and even cases of unexplained infertility in partners have higher chances of conceiving a child.

Outstanding success rates: Using the IVF technique, there are high chances of the individual being able to conceive a child. The success rates are higher in women who are in their peak reproductive years (i.e. in their late 20s or under age 35). Patients who are in their late 30s or 40s can also have a healthy pregnancy and live childbirth.

No restrictions for use: The in-vitro fertilization method is not limited to be used only by the future mother of the baby. This technique can also be undergone by gestational or surrogate carriers. Thus the single woman or a woman who is physically unfit to keep the baby in the womb for the entire pregnancy, and same-sex couples are all benefitted from IVF.

Better control over timing: All the couples who have a busy daily routine and are deeply focused on their career have no time for sexual intercourse or to take care of a newborn. Thus they can go for the IVF technique according to their chosen window of time by using their cryopreserved sperms, eggs, or healthy embryos. It is also helpful if the family wants to space the gap between children. To know more about the details of IVF treatment schedule an appointment with the best team of IVF specialist in Noida at Zeeva Clinics.

Protect the risk of transferring genetic diseases: PGD (Pre-implantation diagnosis) tests can help track genetic disorders and chromosomal abnormalities in the embryos. This allows the infertility expert to transfer only healthy embryos during the IVF process and to select the healthiest embryos for implantation in the mother’s uterus. This benefits the couple in delivering a healthy baby and prevents miscarriages. This will also help to lower the risk of miscarriage due to genetic abnormality that the body senses.

Opportunity to preserve egg: As the age of women increases, the viability of eggs decreases. IVF procedure gives women the opportunity to freeze their healthier eggs when they are in good age of reproductive health. These cryopreserved eggs can be used during an IVF cycle in the future when the couples feel they want to carry a child.

Females who are undergoing cancer treatment can also go for egg preservation before cancer treatment. This will help her to achieve successful pregnancy in the future. This process also helps post-menopausal women to conceive a child; if they have banked or had earlier frozen their eggs. Couples who struggle with infertility can successfully grow their families with the help of in IVF Treatment in Noida at Zeeva Clinics.

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