Busting Some Common Myths Related to Infertility and Pregnancy

Common Myths Related to Infertility and Pregnancy - Zeeva Fertility

One of the most precious moments in any woman’s life is when she births a child. Be it naturally, or with the help of assisted reproductive technologies like IVF, being able to hold your little one in your arms is surely a blessing. However, even today, there are many people who are not able to realise their dream of having a baby. This is not only because of their fertility issues but also because they refrain from seeking proper medical help, owing to the various myths and misconceptions that prevail. In this blog, we have busted some of these myths, with the help of the experts from the best IVF clinic in Noida

Infertility challenges are only faced by women – A few decades back, it was believed that infertility is a female problem and it was the woman who was to be blamed for not being able to conceive or bear a child. Even today, there are some people who hold the same belief. Well, infertility is a problem faced by couples and not by women alone. Either of the two partners may be responsible for it. In fact, experts specialising in fertility treatment in Noida suggest that one-third of the infertile couples struggle with male infertility issues and one-third struggle with female infertility. In the remaining one third, infertility is situational, for instance, if both partners are male, or if both are female. In such cases, donor sperm may be used, or IVF can be performed with the help of a surrogate. 

Normal ejaculation means healthy fertility – If we talk about male infertility, in particular, many men do not experience any visible symptoms. As long as a man is able to achieve erection and ejaculate normally, he is believed to be fertile. A man’s fertility is often determined by how he performs in bed, and this is the reason why the terms infertility and potency are often used interchangeably. Well, it is important to understand that impotency is one of the causes of infertility and there are many other problems that may not be evident but still exist. These may be related to the quality, shape, quantity and motility of sperm. 

Taking cough medicines can increase your chances of pregnancy: There is a popular misconception that taking cough medicines on a regular basis can help to boost your fertility and elevate your chances of conception. This is backed by the theory that cough expectorants can help in the thinning of cervical mucus and enhance the secretion of the same. However, the reality is that this theory does not hold any relevance, as there is no evidence to prove that cough medicines can help you to get pregnant easily. 

Infertility does not affect young couples – Women have a fixed ovarian reserve which tends to deplete with time, eventually resulting in menopause. Men on the other hand don’t have any such limitation, yet their sperm quality may get affected with time, making it difficult for them to impregnate their partner. Some fertility issues do increase with age, however, this does not mean that young people do not experience such problems. Fertility problems do not come with an age bar and these can affect anyone irrespective of what age group they belong to. 

Infertility can be cured by healthy lifestyle changes – Healthy lifestyle modifications can help to boost your fertility but these cannot cure your fertility problems. There are some cases where a healthy diet and an active lifestyle might help you, but not always. So, it is always a better idea to see a specialist and get yourself evaluated. This can help to devise a proper treatment plan that could help you. 

Even if your fertility does not improve, you can always opt for infertility treatment. IVF cost in Noida is comparatively low, making it an ideal place to get the procedure done.

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