Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic On Couples Undergoing IVF Treatment

covid 19 and IVF Treatment

We are all very well aware of the COVID-19 Pandemic that has engulfed the whole world. The infection that originated in the city of Wuhan had far-reaching effects that touched all the sectors across the globe, including healthcare. Well, we surely don’t want to go towards the technicality of it and this blog has been written just to help all those couples who had been undergoing IVF treatment before the lockdown and are still continuing it as well as those who are planning to undergo the procedure anytime soon. The benefits of IVF are known to all. The procedure has helped to complete hundreds and thousands of families over the years and is a shining ray of hope for many more.

COVID-19 and IVF treatment, you must be wondering what is the connection between the two? You will be surprised to know that the former has imposed a lot of challenges in the way of the latter. IVF is a time-sensitive treatment and every ticking second on the clock counts. Be it the regular follow-ups and catching up with your fertility specialist or undergoing the whole cycle of treatment, every passing day is crucial for determining the success of the procedure. In simple words, you cannot miss any of your appointments. The question that arises here is ‘Would it be possible to do so amidst a lockdown?’

A lot of couples who are already undergoing IVF or, for that regard, any other fertility treatment must have experienced significant changes in their treatment schedule in the past few weeks accompanied by a lot of uncertainty. Couples are struggling with necessary scans and medicine due to the restrictions imposed on traveling. The depletion of folic reserves over time is a major concern for all aspiring mothers.

With the conditions normalizing in certain areas of the world, Global bodies associated with IVF have suggested that the already undergoing treatments that had been halted can be resumed. Also, there has been no evidence of transmission of COVID-19 from the intended parents to the embryo. All the leading IVF centers have commenced their services ensuring all the protective measures.

It is pertinent to understand that by stepping outside we put our lives as well as the lives of those around us at stake, hence we need to abide by the guidelines while stepping out. Surely, we are going to overcome this difficult period, but till then it is important to be patient and stay in constant touch with your doctors online.

So, if you are wondering if you should move forward with the treatment or not, or how the whole scenario is going to affect your journey towards parenthood, connect with your doctors online via teleconsultation and discuss your options. Dot be stressful and be gentle with yourself. Even if your treatment has been delayed or postponed stay positive. Couples who are planning to go for IVF anytime soon should also consider postponing the embryo transfer till the situation is resolved.

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