Emotional Well – Being and Infertility


Infertility or an inability to naturally conceive affects you in multiple ways. It affects how you feel about yourself, your relationship with your spouse, your relationship with your friends and family, your vacations and your career. You may feel you have been let down by life in an unimaginable and uncontrollable way. However, you are not alone in this situation. In a Harvard Research study done on some couples undergoing infertility treatment, it was found that 50% of the women and 15% of the men said that infertility was the most upsetting experience of their lives. As you go through the month-to-month cycle of hope and disappointment around your menstrual cycle, please understand that these feelings of fear and anxiety are natural and temporary. Try this 5 step program which shall help you overcome the frustration and sorrow during this period. Keep a journal Speak to a Friend It may seem that people all around you are busy in their lives or judging you, however it is important to discuss your feelings or situation. Choose a person who is caring and sensitive to you. It has also been seen that some people going through treatment get angry when asked about it and others get angry when not asked about this, so try and sensitize your friend as to your expectation from them when you discuss your feelings about the Infertility or treatment. Keep in mind that the feelings you are going through are temporary and will be resolved sooner or later. However, we suggest you should consider seeing a psychologist if you feel that you are unable to concentrate on the positives happening in your life.

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