Endometriosis Pain Management at Home: Tips That Might Help.

Endometriosis Pain Management at Home - Zeva Fertility

Women suffering from endometriosis know how difficult it can be to manage the pain on some days. Marked by the outgrowth of the endometrial tissue to the organs surrounding the uterus, endometriosis is a condition that affects around 25 million women in our country. Experts from the top fertility centre in Noida suggest that The prevalence of endometriosis can be as high as 25 to 40 per cent in women facing fertility issues. No doubt the problem interferes with your fertility, but there is something more that should be concerned about. Endometriosis can be extremely painful, and despite it being a very common problem, most women don’t know how to manage the symptoms and deal with the pain. 

In this blog, we have listed a few tips, that can help you manage endometriosis pain and symptoms effectively, with the help of the best IVF doctor in Noida

Get wireless heating bad or hot water bottle – Applying heat to the area can significantly help to lower the pain. This is one of the easiest options. All you need to do is buy a heating pad or a hot water bottle, and whenever you feel pain, simply place it over your lower abdomen. This will help to soothe the muscles and relieve the pain. 

Take warm baths – Whether you are struggling with period cramps or endometriosis pain, warm baths always help. Next time you feel the pain kicking in, step in the shower and feel the pain fade. 

Drink enough water – You must be wondering how drinking water can help you to deal with endometriosis pain. Well, drinking water helps to reduce bloating, which in turn helps to easily manage the pain. Women who are dehydrated are more likely to experience chronic endometriosis pain as compared to those who are hydrated. 

Focus on self-care – Women often tend to take their health for granted but sometimes, it is important to listen to your body. It is important to take good care of yourself and your needs. Pamper yourself and take time to unwind. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Get up and give yourself the care you deserve. 

Take fatty acids – It is very important to note that Omega 3 fatty acids are your best friends if you are dealing with endometriosis. Taking a daily dose can significantly help to improve the symptoms and benefit your body in many other ways. 

Choose natural – While you are preparing your grocery list, try to go as natural as possible. Many food items contain a chemical known as dioxin which is known to trigger endometriosis. You need to cut down the consumption of such food items and focus on eating foods that are organic and low in gluten. Avoid eating soy, as it can lead to severe hormonal imbalance.

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