10 Self Acupressure Points That Improve Pregnancy Rates


Are you one of those couples who are desperately trying to conceive for months, but have not achieved success so far? While couples are not able to conceive because of unexplained reasons, a majority of them fail at it because of male or female infertility. And from there starts a journey of modern treatment, herbal remedies and traditional techniques intended to help couples who are not able to conceive because of infertility.There are a number of techniques that can help improve fertility, including Yoga, meditation and exercising. However, there is one technique that can improve conception rates by as much as 26 percent, when used in combination with modern fertility treatment – acupressure.

Acupressure: How Does it Work?

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese alternative treatment methods that involves exerting pressure on the same points with the help fingers and hands. This works by normalizing the flow of energy called “Qi” in the reproductive organs and maintaining hormonal balance.

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