Getting Ready For Your Embryo Transfer

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Whether you are conceiving naturally or with the help of an assisted reproductive technique, it is important to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for the nine-month-long journey that comes with tremendous and uncertain ups and downs. For couples who plan to initiate this journey using in vitro fertilization technique, embryo transfer is one of the most important steps which involves the transfer of one or more cultured embryos back into the womb of the intended mother where they can grow naturally. The doctors choose the healthiest embryo and carefully place it inside the mother’s womb using a long, flexible needle that is inserted via the vagina. The procedure is offered at all the leading test tube baby centers in Noida. It is pertinent to note that not all embryos are transferred in one go as it can result in multiple pregnancies. The remaining embryos can be frozen and preserved for future use. This is commonly referred to as frozen embryo transfer or FET

Embryo transfer is the last step of your IVF journey and a crucial one as well, which calls for the need for proper preparation.

Getting ready for your embryo transfer:

The best and the easiest way to prepare for your embryo transfer is by following all the guidelines recommended by the doctor.

Organize and take your medication on time – Before your embryo transfer, you will be prescribed progesterone and supportive medication to help prepare your body for carrying and nurturing your child. Whether you are going for fresh embryo transfer or frozen embryo transfer, these medications are to be taken religiously.

  • Open up to your doctor – It is quite natural to have your mind loaded with thoughts and queries related to the procedure and what follows. It is important to talk about your concerns with your doctor. The top IVF specialists in Noida always encourage their patients to speak up and highlight their concerns. There is nothing wrong with asking questions, especially when it concerns someone as precious as your baby.
  • Make arrangements – In case your doctor has recommended bed rest, make sure that everything you need is within your reach. Be it your medication or the washroom, all of them must be easily accessible, without you having to indulge in any kind of serious movement.
  • Stock up on snacks and entertainment – Lying down in the bed all day can be too boring, so you better make the best use of this time. Watch your favourite movies or series and hog on some healthy snacks. It’s time to kick out all the stress and keeping yourself entertained is the best way of doing so. So, make sure that when you reach back home, everything is set accordingly.

Don’t compromise on your sleeping hours -While bed rest has many perks, there is one thing that can be negatively affected by it – your sleep cycle. When you stay in the bed all day long it becomes quite difficult for you to stick to a proper sleep cycle. Experts from the best IVF clinic in Noida suggest that women who sleep 7 to 8 hours every night have an elevated pregnancy rate as compared to those who sleep for a shorter duration.

Go for the transfer with a full bladder – This is something your fertility specialist may have already informed you about. Having a full bladder makes it easier for your doctor to change the angle of the uterus and implant the embryo without any hassle. This also adds to the clarity of the trans-abdominal ultrasound, thereby ensuring that your embryo is placed successfully.

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