IUI Treatment in Delhi

IUI is also known as Artificial Insemination. IUI stands for intrauterine insemination as the name reflects it is a simple medical technique that involves an admission of lapped sperms into the uterus of a patient. The process is meant for assisting the process of conception. This method is safe and effective in treating infertility, especially when dealing with normal barriers. In IUI treatment, a semen sample in a nutrient medium is placed in the uterine cavity, which in turn lets sperms to reach the uterus. When to go for IUI and Conditions Warranting IUI
  • Poor semen quality with low motility.
  • Impotency ejaculation in males.
  • Problems in the cervix that could lead to the destruction of sperms.
  • Ovulation disorders such as Poly Cystic Oavary

How to proceed for Initial Step in IUI treatment?

History is discussed and the vital examinations are done. Below are the things that need to be checked:
  • The ovary of the patient has healthy eggs.
  • The fallopian tubes must be uncluttered for a successful IUI treatment in India.
  • The uterus should be normal.
  • The semen sample must show a satisfactory amount of motile and count of sperms.
  • If a sperm donor is used, then we check for the occurrence of any communicable diseases.
Different Steps in IUI Treatment

Ovulation Induction

When the patient is ovulating, IUI is performed. It is likely that ovaries are encouraged with the aid of medication. This augments the egg production; thereby, the chance of conception in the patient. It should be noted that the prescribed drugs are directed to yield more eggs. Oral medicines and injections are used in the procedure.

Keeping an Eye on the IUI treatment Cycle

The doctor will perform the insemination during ovulation. Ultrasound is done to check whether the patient is ovulating or not. Once definite, the eggs are released from the follicle with the help of an injection. IUI Treatment in Delhi: It is best done in ovulation. As sperms only live for six hours, the procedure is done within the same period.

Semen Collection

During the process, doctors instruct self-restraint for 2-4 days before the process. The sample is usually collected in the clinic. Our IUI clinic in Delhi has ample capability for semen collection.

Preparing the semen sample

The clinic can employ a method on the basis of the quality of the semen sample. The grounding generally consumes about one hour. The goal of this procedure is to remove all the content other than the motile sperms. The freezing capacity of the sample is improved as well. This sperm sample is used in artificial insemination in India without any delay. Steps in One IUI Cycle

The Insemination Procedure :

  • The process is absolutely simple and safe medical procedure; it is also known for its current results. The sperms are placed in the uterus.
  • The bladder of the patient should be empty. So, she may get asked to pass urine.
  • It is likely that the patient gets painful in the process. However, there is no pain complicated in the step.
  • The uterus is introduced to semen in a calm way. The process may take one minute.
  • Need to take care of the Patient after the Treatment
  • After the process, the patient is advised to rest for 30 minutes.
In case of any pain, a patient can have prescribed pain killer. But, consultation with the doctor is a must. Sometimes, the doctor instructs the consumption of certain oral medications.

Testing for the Results:

Once the conception is confirmed, an ultrasound scan is performed. In case of any doubt, it is healthier to check with the doctor in the clinic. IUI fertility treatment in Delhi under the guidance of expert fertility experts is one of the most trusted IUI clinics in Delhi if you are seeking IUI treatment. It provides proficient counseling and IUI treatment at affordable cost which can be availed by any couple who are willing to go for this artificial conception procedure. At Zeeva, we have unparalleled IUI success rates that have helped numerous childless couples with IUI treatment in Delhi.