Understanding In Vitro Fertilization: Preparing For The Procedure

IVF Treatment

In vitro fertilization or IVF, as we commonly know it, is an assisted reproductive technique that aims at helping childless couples to start their own family and take a step into the world of parenthood. Reproduction is a natural procedure but there are couples who have been trying for long but are not able to conceive naturally. IVF is a ray of hope for all such couples. If you think IVF might be an option for you, you can find the best IVF doctors in Noida and Greater Noida.

During IVF, mature eggs taken from the ovaries of the female (intended mother) are placed in a pool of sperm taken from the male partner (intended father) so as to induce fertilization. The embryo, thus formed, is transferred to the womb of the female partner within a few days. One of the best things about the procedure is that if either of the partners is not able to produce healthy gametes, they can always opt for donor sperm or donor eggs. Also, if the female partner is not healthy enough to carry the pregnancy to full term, they can go for surrogacy. Thanks to the latest advancements in the field of medicine, we now have a wide gamut of options to choose from.

As per the doctors specializing in IVF treatment in Noida, although IVF is the most effective and popular form of assisted reproductive technology, the success rate of the procedure majorly depends upon two factors:

  • Age of the parents
  • Cause of infertility

Preparing for the procedure-

It is not only the procedure that counts but also the pre-procedural preparations and screenings as these help the doctors to decide a proper treatment protocol. It is very important to discuss the various aspects of the procedure with your doctor beforehand. These include the benefits, risks, cost expenditure and other necessary information. The following tests are to be conducted before initiating IVF treatment:

  • Ovarian reserve testing–Women, unlike men, have a limited ovarian reserve which means that their eggs get exhausted over time. The test is performed to determine the quality as well as quantity of eggs along with the concentration levels of various reproductive hormones like follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), oestradiol (oestrogen) and anti-mullerian hormone in your body during the initial days of the menstruation cycle. Ovarian reserve testing can help the doctors to predict how the patient’s ovaries are going to respond to the treatment.
  • Semen analysis – Just like the quality of the eggs, the quality of the semen too plays a vital role in determining the success rate of IVF. Hence it is very important to examine the sperm sample for proper evaluation of quality. Semen analysis is performed at all the leading IVF centers in Noida.
  • Infectious disease screening – If either of the parents is suffering from an infectious disease, it can affect the quality of the embryo and even give rise to serious complications during pregnancy. Hence both the partners are to be screened for the same before initiating the procedure so that proper measures can be taken.
  • Mock embryo transfer – It is a simple mock test that helps to assess the depth of the uterus and figure out the right technique of embryo placement that would yield the best results for the couple.
  • Uterine examination – A healthy uterus is important for a healthy pregnancy. Tests like sonohysterography and hysteroscopy help the doctors to examine the uterine cavity from inside so as to look for any abnormalities that need to be addressed before the embryo placement.

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