Is Retrograde Ejaculation the Reason Behind Your Infertility? Here’s What All Men Need to Know

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At the time of sexual climax, males ejaculate a white, jelly-like, organic fluid known as semen, which contains the sperm. A healthy male ejaculates near about 40 million to 150 million sperm in one go, which swim towards the fallopian tube, to fertilize the egg released by the ovaries of the female. Now, imagine, what will happen if you have an orgasm, but are not able to ejaculate? Well, it is very much possible and the condition is commonly referred to as Retrograde ejaculation or dry orgasm. Though it is not a serious health issue, experts from the best IVF center in Noida suggest that it can interfere with your ability to conceive and hence should not be taken for granted. 

Understanding retrograde ejaculation 

Unlike females, males have a single passage for passing out urine and ejaculate. The muscle or sphincter present near the head of your bladder holds the urine until you’re ready to take a leak. It is this muscle or sphincter that contracts when you ejaculate so as to prevent the semen from entering the bladder. The semen continues to flow through the urethra and is ejaculated via the tip of the penis.

Now, let’s try to understand what happens in the case of retrograde ejaculation. 

The muscle or sphincter that is responsible for keeping the semen out of the bladder may become weak and fail to contract, thereby letting the seminal fluids enter the bladder. As such, the normal flow of the semen is disrupted and nothing comes out of the penis when you have an orgasm. Though there is no ejaculate, retrograde ejaculation does not usually affect your sexual pleasure in any manner.

Wondering what happens to the semen entering the bladder? 

Well, the semen that enters your bladder mixes with the urine and is passed out along with it. It is due to this very reason that the urine of a person suffering from retrograde ejaculation is often foamy or cloudy, especially right after orgasm. 

How to know if you have retrograde ejaculation? 

The best way to know if you are suffering from any medical condition is to look for the symptoms and, if you are experiencing any, get them evaluated. The same holds for retrograde ejaculation as well. One of the major symptoms of retrograde ejaculation is that you pass very little to no semen when you have an orgasm. So, if your orgasm is dry, you might want to consider going for a proper evaluation. Also, as mentioned earlier, your urine is likely to be cloudy due to the presence of semen.

Impact of retrograde ejaculation on your fertilityAccounting for nearly 0.3 to 2 percent of all infertility problems, retrograde ejaculation is not a common cause of infertility, yet we cannot deny the fact that it can severely impact your fertility. It has nothing to do with the quality or viability of your sperm. It is just that your sperm is not able to reach your partner. With proper treatment and guidance, you can easily overcome the problem and start your family without any hindrance. If you want any help related to the same, you can consult nationally and internationally acclaimed experts like Dr. Shweta Goswami at Zeeva, the best fertility clinic in Noida.

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