Managing Healthy Testosterone Levels: 3 simple tips

Managing Healthy Testosterone Levels: 3 simple tips

There are many factors that determine your fertility, and a healthy hormonal balance tops the list. In males, testosterone is the major reproductive hormone, which is produced inside the testicles. What is important to note here is that testosterone is not a specific hormone and it is even present in women, although in very little amounts. When a boy hits puberty, it is the testosterone hormone that is responsible for bringing about the physical changes in his body. But this is not the only role that testosterone plays. Even adults and older men need to have optimal testosterone levels in their bodies. Experts from the best IVF centre in Gaur City suggest that sometimes testosterone levels can drop due to a variety of different reasons. Luckily, you can increase the same with some simple tips. We have listed a few of these with the help of experts from the best IVF centre in Gaur City. 

Exercising and lifting – If you think that exercising and lifting and only help you keep your weight under check, or build muscles, you might need to reconsider that thought as exercising benefits you in more ways than you can perceive. Exercise not only helps to keep many health problems at bay, but it can also help to boost testosterone production in your body. The top IVF doctors in Gaur City suggest that men who exercise on daily basis are likely to have elevated levels of testosterone as compared to those who live a stagnant life. You must have heard about resistance training which involves lifting weights to build core strength. This is also known to boost testosterone levels. Apart from this high-intensity interval training and intake of caffeine and creatine monohydrates may also prove to be really helpful. 

Increase your protein, fat and carbs intake – You must have had a lot of times that fats and carbs are not good for you. Well, it is important to understand that not all fats and carbs are bad for your health and some might even benefit you. It is very important to pay close attention to your daily calorie intake and focus on eating healthy. Taking protein on daily basis can help you lose weight, which is likely to increase testosterone levels. If you are going for resistance training, carb intake is a must as it helps optimise testosterone levels. Similarly, healthy fats are also important for keeping your testosterone levels on the higher side. 

Avoid stress – Increased stress leads to the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which can interfere with the normal production of testosterone. Both the hormone have an inverse relationship, which means when one spikes up, the other comes down. Stress has also been associated with unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, both of which are not good for your testosterone levels. Experts from IVF Hospital in Greater Noida suggest that it is very important to avoid unnecessary stress, and if you are finding it difficult to do so on your own, you can always take help from a specialist. Try to indulge in activities that you love and stop pondering about the same thing time and again.

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