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Our Clinic is a general family situated practice concentrated on tending to useful parts of human services by means of Natural Therapies. It is the most innovatively progressed Naturopathic Clinic in the region with an extensive variety of testing hardware.

So you have found yourself deciding to pursue In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). You are not alone. Now that you have chosen IVF it is important to prepare your body for the procedure.

Why Prepare?

If you are reading up on how to boost your success rate with IVF, you are likely aware that the treatment is a costly procedure. In that sense, providing the best possible environment for the egg within the ovaries will vastly increase the success of the procedure. By reducing your exposure to harmful substances, nourishing your body with fertility boosting foods, finding hormonal balance and acquiring new ways of handling stress will all augment the effectiveness of the procedure.

When Should You Begin?

For natural therapies enhancing methods to be most effective, we suggest beginning at least 90 days before you begin the IVF process. In order for your body to get the maximum benefits from most of the natural fertility boosters, you will need to use them for about 3 months. Secondly, while a woman does release an egg with each menstrual cycle, that egg has spent ninety days maturing within her ovaries. If you can make your body more hospitable during the 90 days of the maturation process, you will be able to increase the health and viability of the egg you collect.

Step 1: Massage For Fertility

In today’s world, chemicals and toxins abound. They are in our houses, our clothing, the air we breathe and often our food. The store themselves in the fatty tissues of our body and can affect our physical health and functioning. Toxins that very specifically affect fertility are synthetic hormones from hormonal birth control, chemicals used in cigarette production, pesticides and alcohol.

Woman who are going for IVF treatment are also encouraged to incorporate Accupressure into their IVF preparation.Acupressure is a traditional Chinese alternative treatment methods that involves exerting pressure on the same points with the help fingers and hands. This works by normalizing the flow of energy called “Qi” in the reproductive organs and maintaining hormonal balance. Accupressure can be helpful in increasing blood supply and circulation to a woman’s reproductive area, clearing blocked fallopian tubes, loosening scar tissue in the reproductive area, assisting the liver in ridding the body of toxins and excess hormones, and loosening stuck or impacted fecal material.

Step 2: Eating For Fertility

You will be pleased to know that eating for fertility is not that difficult, but it may take a little more time to prepare your food each day. Infact, nutrition must be a priority because it alone can have a significant impact on increasing and maximizing a person’s fertility.

Step 3: Focusing On Fertility

Few of us realize how much the stress of our daily lives can impact our fertility. It is important to create a balanced, welcoming environment for an egg, and later, a developing baby. In order to do this, it is crucial to find ways to promote mental, physical and emotional harmony in your daily life. There are many means to do this. It is important to find one or a few that provide the right combination for you.

First, exercise is key. Exercise boosts your mood (emotional), relieves stress (mental and physical) and increases circulation. Gentle forms of exercise that promote strength, flexibility and stabilize the core, such as yoga and pilates, are highly recommended in preparing for an IVF cycle.

Second, incorporating a mind-body technique to promote relaxation and stress release can be helpful. Such techniques can include visualization, hypnosis, meditation, Reiki, counseling, and prayer.

The road to IVF is not easy. Most that travel it experience frustration, stress and heartbreak. Using natural preparation methods, making lifestyle changes will give you a fertility boost and a clean space to prepare, grow and harvest a potential little one.