10 Self Acupunture & Acupressure points that Improve pregnancy rates

Acupunture & Acupressure is only one of various Asian bodywork treatments (ABT) with establishes in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Cases of other Asian bodywork treatments are medicinal qigong and Tuina. Shiatsu is a Japanese type of acupressure.

Are you one of those couples who are desperately trying to conceive for months, but have not achieved success so far? While couples are not able to conceive because of unexplained reasons, a majority of them fail at it because of male or female infertility. And from there starts a journey of modern treatment, herbal remedies and traditional techniques intended to help couples who are not able to conceive because of infertility.

There are a number of techniques that can help improve fertility, including Yoga, meditation and exercising. However, there is one technique that can improve conception rates by as much as 26 percent, when used in combination with modern fertility treatment ā€“ acupressure.

Acupressure: How Does it Work?

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese alternative treatment methods that involves exerting pressure on the same points with the help fingers and hands. This works by normalizing the flow of energy called ā€œQiā€ in the reproductive organs and maintaining hormonal balance.

Stress leads to release of cortisol in the brain, which disrupts the balance between the reproductive glands and the pituitary leading to infertility.

How to practice acupressure at home: Procedure and frequency

Acupunture & Acupressure can be easily practiced at home, alone or with the help of a partner. To start off with this technique, you can simply follow the following steps:

  • Place yourself in a comfortable position on a chair or bed

  • Apply pressure to a point of your choice

  • For points on the back, take help from a partner

  • The pressure should be just enough to feel it, no pain or discomfort should be felt

  • Stimulate the point by moving your fingers slowly in a clockwise direction while applying pressure

  • Continue the movement till one minute

  • Move to a next point of your choice

  • There are no hard and fast rules about the frequency of an acupressure session. However, try to conduct two sessions at close intervals in a week and continue practicing for months to experience the change.

10 Most Important Acupressure Points for Fertility

Acupressure point


Benefits of Stimulation

Epang II

On the outer side of the eyebrows on scalp, just below the hairline

Helps treat PMS, irregular cycles and painful periods


On the forehead between the two eyebrows

Improves libido and maintains hormonal balance

Lv 14

Just below each of the breasts, on the ribs

Boosts sex drive, libido and liver function, maintains hormonal balance and cures PMS

Ren 14

Between sternum and belly button

Prevents fluid build up in Fallopian tubes, improves quantity of cervical mucus

Ren 6

Just below belly button

Relieves stress, fatigue and tiredness, improves energy and boosts libido

Ren 4

Two inches below belly button

Improves blood circulation in the uterus and detoxifies the body

Ki 16

Both sides of the belly button

Improves general fertility, immunity and increases chances of conception


Both sides of fifth thoracic vertebra

Relieves stress, anxiety, abdominal pain and insomnia

UB 15

1.5 inches from spine on fifth thoracic vertebra

Corrects hormonal imbalance and irregular menstrual cycles

UB 23

Both sides of the spine, just opposite navel

Improves fertility in men and women, treats impotence and menstrual cramps