Exercise and Fertility: The Definite Link

The key to regaining fertility in such women is to make their menstrual cycle regular.

Women who repeatedly fail at conception and achieving pregnancy tend to opt for different methods of regaining fertility. The key is to understand that exercise and losing the excess weight and excessive stress may help improve conception rates drastically.

Exercising helps improve fertility by promoting “feel good” factor, boosting metabolism that lead to healthy egg production, increasing production of reproductive hormones and by reducing stress.

3 Exercises For boosting Female Fertility

The key to being more fertile and regulate your menstrual cycles is to stay active.

  • Aerobics: Regular running, walking, swimming or cycling for just 10 minutes in a day 5 days a week will promote fertility by burning calories and making women more fitter.

  • Dancing: Latin American, Jazz, hip hop and classical Indian dance forms keeps you active and stress-free, thus creating an environment for successful conception. A 30-minute dance class three times a week is enough to keep you on your path to fertility.

  • Sports: Playing your favourite sport is yet another great way to lost extra amount of weight and stay fit. Recommended sports would be badminton, table tennis, squash and tennis help burn significant amount of calories in just 10 to 15 minutes. Play them for 30-minute twice or once a week.

Exercising Benefits For Male Fertility

Yes, exercising can help men too. It has been scientifically proved that exercising helps improve the sperm count in males. It also helps keep stress at bay, which is one of the main reasons behind reduced sperm count, insufficient production of semen, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

  • Cardiovascular exercise: One hour of intense cardio session for three times a week can help improve male fertility. Best exercise are rope jumping, cycling, , swimming, and HIIT .

  • Strength training: This helps keep men strong and maintain a lean body mass. However, make sure to maintain a 2-day gap between each session. Pushups, pull ups, planks, dip and squats are excellent strengthening exercise which can be done at home.