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Oligospermia- Getting familiar with some common causes - Zeeva Fertility

Just like females, males also experience a variety of fertility issues, which can impair their ability to impregnate their partner. Oligospermia is one such problem that is marked by a decline in sperm count. As per the experts specializing in male infertility treatment in Ghaziabad, a man is said to have oligospermia if the sperm count is less than 15 million per 1 ml of Semen. The normal sperm count is believed to be above 15 million and can even cross 200 million. It is important to understand that oligospermia and azoospermia are two different conditions. The former is marked by lower sperm count whereas are the latter refers to a condition in which there is a complete absence of sperm.

Some common causes of oligospermia: 

There are a variety of different factors that can alleviate your sperm count, ranging from environmental factors like toxic chemicals and industrial pollutants to lifestyle habits like smoking, drug abuse and stagnant lifestyle. Sperm count can also decrease with age or owing to an underlying medical ailment. We have discussed some of the common causes of oligospermia with the help of experts from the best IVF center in Noida

  • Advanced age – While many people do not realize it, male fertility tends to decline with age, just like female infertility. However, the fact that this happens at a significantly low pace makes people believe otherwise. Women lose their ability to conceive once they hit menopause, which usually happens by the time they reach the mid-40s. As far as males are concerned, they can still impregnate their partner after this age and the decline in their fertility is primarily owing to degenerative mutations in the germinal epithelium and Leydig cells, which play an extremely crucial role in sperm production, commonly referred to as spermatogenesis. Also, men lying in the age group of 40 to 70 years tend to be highly susceptible to erectile dysfunction, which is also known to bring down sperm count. Obesity can also lead to hormonal imbalance, interfering with testosterone production in men who have crossed 30 years of age.  
  • Obesity – The extra pounds that you carry on your body bring with them an increased risk of a wide spectrum of health problems. Obesity has become a global concern and as per the top infertility specialists in Ghaziabad, it has also been linked with elevated risks of infertility issues like azoospermia or oligozoospermia. It has been found that men who are obese or overweight, are more likely to have oligospermia as compared to men with a healthy BMI. 
  • Smoking – Cigarette smoke contains thousands of toxins and chemicals that can enter the bloodstream and trigger various serious diseases and ailments. Some of these can also disturb normal sperm function, eventually resulting in male infertility. It is pertinent to note that it is not just the quality of the sperm that is affected but also their quantity, that tends to decline significantly. A study suggess that men smoking more than 20 cigarettes   in a day are likely to have their sperm quantity reduced by 13 to 17 per cent. Smoking can not only lead to infertility but also lower the success rate of assisted reproductive procedures like ICSI and IVF. 

We will discuss some more causes of oligospermia in our next blog. To know more about the problem, consult Zeeva Fertility experts, today.

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