Oligospermia: Getting familiar with some common causes 2

Oligospermia- Getting familiar with some common causes - Zeeva Fertility

In the last blog, we elaborated on 3 common causes of oligospermia, a problem marked by a decline in sperm production, with the help of the best infertility treatment specialist in Ghaziabad. In this blog, we will discuss some more factors that can lead to the problem. 

  • Excessive alcohol intake – Drinking alcohol in moderate amounts does not really harm you but excessive alcohol intake can lead to many serious complications and is known to lower sperm count. The Chemicals present in the alcohol can affect sperm motility as well as its shape and structure. It is not only the quality of the semen which is at risk but also the healthy production of various reproductive hormones which play a vital role in sperm development. As such it is very important to lower your consumption and restrict your alcohol intake to one to two glasses a day. Experts from the best ICSI clinic in Noida suggest that if you have an existing fertility issue, it is better to refrain from the practice altogether.
  • Stress – Stress happens to be a key factor responsible for female infertility and in males too, it does have a very significant impact. While most people only focus on the emotional and physical impact of stress most often tend to ignore the impact on reproductive health. When you are under immense stress, your body releases stress hormones which can interfere with normal reproductive hormones and trigger changes in the Sertoli cells, as well as the blood-testis barrier. This is a very negative impact on spermatogenesis, resulting in its suppression. The production of the male reproductive hormone testosterone is also affected, it is likely to lower the sperm count as well.
  • Medication – Medicines are prescribed to us for a reason, in order to create a condition or manage its symptoms. However, a medicine taken for a condition can lead to another health issue, maybe not as severe. The medicines are prescribed after carefully evaluating their side effects and ensuring that the benefits outweigh these. Some medicines and drugs such as androgenic steroids can suppress the production of certain hormones in the body. As per the experts from the best IVF clinic in Ghaziabad, not only medicines but also recreational drugs like marijuana can also prove to be harmful to your fertility. Patients undergoing drug treatment like chemotherapy are also at a high risk of having problems related to sperm production. So, it is very important to discuss your options openly with your doctor and opt for any treatment after considering all the pros and cons
  • Overheating – Sperm can only survive at a low temperature and it is due to this very reason that the testes descend into the scrotum, because this helps to lower the temperature by 3 to 4 degree celsius. In males suffering from cryptochidism, the testes do not descent into the testicles, owing to which their temperatures fails to drop. This can have a negative impact on the production of sperm. There are several other condition which can cause the scrotal temperature to increase. Varicose veins is one of these. Habits like keeping your laptop in your lap or exposing to any other source of heat can also cause the same problem. 
  • Underlying health issues – An existing health issue can be the teason why you are not able to produce a healthy amount of sperm. There are many ailments that either interfere with rate at which your body produces sperm or damage the already existing ones. Sexually trasmitted diseases like HIV and gonorrhea can lead to inflamation in the testicles, causing the sperm count to go down. Fertility issues like retrograde ejaculation has also been linked with oligospermia

To know more about the problem or to explore your treatment options, contact Zeeva Fertility experts today.

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