Precaution Following Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)


IUI technique is used to treat • Male infertility • Unexplained infertility • Women with cervical factor

In IUI , sperm is artificially introduced into the female uterus for fertilization

IUI is a simple, cheaper and less invasive technique as compared to other IVF technique. The success rate of IUI procedure is lies between 15% – 20 % per monthly cycle and depends on many factors such as woman age and infertility reason etc. Therefore, patients should take following precautions before and after 

IUI procedure to increases the chances of conceiving are:

Eat healthy: To increase the chances of conceiving, patient should take healthy diet. The healthy diet includes fruits, vegetables, dairy products, pulses, nuts and whole grains. Increase the intake of water and consumption of protein. No fizzy liquids. Avoid papaya, pineapple and dry fruits.

Avoid smoking and alcohol: Smoking and alcohol reduces the chances of conception, enhances the risk of miscarriage and lead birth defects in the baby. Therefore, stop smoking and alcohol few months before getting pregnant.

Do exercise or yoga: Regularly do exercise or yoga to remain healthy and stress – free during pregnancy. Do light intensity exercise or yoga and keep away from swimming after IUI procedure.

Say no to stress: Stress before and after IUI technique decrease the chances of conceiving and increase the probability of miscarriage. Keep calm, optimistic, and stay positive for conceiving and healthy pregnancy. Read some good books and do some activity in which she fills good and positive.

Take multivitamins and vitamin B12 supplements: Start taking multivitamins and vitamin B12 before IUI and remains continue as per IVF specialist prescription.

No to laborious activity: Stay away from tiring activities and avoid lifting for heavyweight.

No restriction to intercourse after IUI procedure: There is no restriction to having intercourse after IUI procedure. In fact, having intercourse on the important fertile days would supplement and enhance your chance of success following IUI.

Lie down straight after IUI procedure: After IUI procedure, a patient must lie down straight and comfortably for about 20 to 30 minutes. This supports the deposition of sperm into the female uterus. Thus boost the chances of conception.

Follow a regular routine: Follow regular routine just after IUI procedure. Involve yourself in routine day today activities being followed before the IUI procedure. If you feel uneasy or severe pain then immediately contact your infertility specialist. Mild abdominal pain and bloating is usually normal around the time of ovulation.

IUI is a ray of hope for those couples who are facing infertility issues. The uttermost goal of IUI procedure is to deposit sufficient amount of sperms inside the female uterus for conception. Therefore, a couple should consult certified infertility specialist  who is well trained and having state of art laboratory to perform sperm cleaning for IUI procedure.

If you are suffering from unsuccessful attempts of IUI procedures, without wasting time immediately contact to ZEEVA FERTILITY.

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