Precautions Following Embryo Transfer


Embryo transfer is the last but most crucial step of IVF procedure. Success rate of embryo implantation depends on many factors but it is also important to take certain necessary precautions pre and post embryo transfer from our side to help increase chance of success. 

Drink plenty of water : It is always advisable to drink plenty of water and other healthy fluids. 

Salt intake : Reduce the intake of salt. 

Daily activity : A patient can live a normal life after the implant and can engage herself in daily activity with sufficient rest in between. Avoid tough work and lifting heavy items. 

Intercourse: The patient should not have intercourse for 12 to 15 days after the embryo transfer. 

Medication : Take only prescribed medicines by your infertility specialist. 

Proper rest & sleep : Patients should take minimum 24 hour rest immediately after embryo transfer and watch her bucket list movies. She must take sufficient duration of sleep in the night. She should get into bed before 10:00 PM. 

Healthy diet : Patient should take healthy diets such as seasonal fruits, vegetables, dairy products, pulses, nuts and whole grains during the IVF procedure. Try to eat more and healthy food like a pregnant woman. Avoid junk food, carbonated drinks, caffeine, alcoholic drinks, mercury rich fish, raw meat etc. Avoid Papaya, Pineapple and dry fruits. 

Exercise or yoga : Avoid exercise or yoga after the embryo transfer. Once pregnancy is confirmed then the patient can perform mild exercise or easy yoga steps. She may go for small and comfortable walk. 

Travel : Don’t travel for long distances just after the embryo transfer. A patient may travel by flight after 48 hours of embryo transfer. 

Overcome negative thoughts : Patient should indulge herself in some creative work, read a favourite book and develop some hobby to stay happy. 

Avoid bathing in a bathtub : The patient should not take bath in a tub or sauna. Choosing right embryo for transfer into womb and a well done embryo transfer are extremely crucial steps for the success of any IVF procedure. Thus, couples who are planning to undergo IVF procedure must choose certified and experienced infertility specialist. 

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