Spotting After IVF


Should you be concerned? Now a day’s infertility is a main concern in metropolitan cities. At ZEEVA FERTILITY CENTER in Noida, we offer solutions for those who have struggled to become pregnant naturally. A common concern for many who have undergone IVF is SPOTTING. When a woman is trying to become pregnant, even the smallest sign of bleeding tends to cause concern. So we wish to explain the couple about spotting after IVF, so that patient should know when they should and shouldn’t be alarmed about how their treatment is progressing.


Most women, who are under going IVF treatment, are doing so after many failed attempts at a natural pregnancy. It is understandable that IVF patients are likely to be sensitive to any potential sign of concern during the whole process. Patients should be assured that light spotting is pretty common after the various stages of IVF treatment, which includes Egg retrieval, Embryo transfer and some time implantation bleeding. It is very difficult to gather the correct number of females facing the spotting issues, because not all women complain of spotting.


IVF includes many stages in the whole process and patient can experience the spotting at any stage of it. The very first stage of IVF where patients complain of spotting is egg retrieval process. During the egg retrieval a needle is inserted through the vaginal wall, to collect the egg from the ovaries. After the completion of the process patient may complain of mild vaginal bleeding, which is again normal and should clear up within few days.However, if bleeding is more, one must get a checkup done at the earliest. Embryo transfer spotting – the second stage of IVF is embryo transfer, where again women may experience spotting due to the cleaning procedure or catheter insertion. Spotting may occur for a few days after the embryo transfer. Implantation spotting – the third stage of IVF is the implantation. Not all but some women experience spotting after few days of embryo transfer which may be implantation bleeding. WHEN TO BE CONCERNED

Although light spotting may be normal after IVF, women should monitor bleeding to ensure it is not a sign of complications. If, spotting doesn’t clear up within few days, if bleeding is heavy orit is accompanied by other symptoms such as pain in lower abdomen one should report to your doctor right away. In cases such as these, it is important to examine the patient and rule out any complications. Any bleeding or spotting 1-2 days after embryo transfer should be reported to the IVF team as it would need assessment. Even if it’s implantation bleeding, the diagnosis should be made only after proper investigation to make out whether the bleeding is the sign of onset of menses or a sign of early pregnancy or ectopic.

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