Stress Causes Infertility, Which Causes Stress!

Have you ever worried about not paying your bills on time or getting no time to complete some important tasks. We bet that you must have! In fact, in today’s world, it is nearly impossible to remain stress free, without worrying about anything in your life. While being concerned about certain things in life is okay, an excessive worry severely impacts your chances of getting pregnant. Stress, anxiety and depression go hand in hand when it comes jeopardizing the levels of hormones which propels you towards infertility

How Does Stress Affect Fertility?

Stress affects the functioning of the hypothalamus in the brain– the main gland in the body that controls emotions, feelings, appetite and the hormones (LH and FSH) that trigger ovaries to release an egg. Thus, in case you are stressed out, your ovary may skip ovulation, decrease the libido, prevent the implantation of embryo and diminishes the immunity that makes you vulnerable to side effects of IVF treatment

Gauze Your Stress Levels By Answering The Following Questions

How do you describe your self-image?o Amazingo No commento Fat/ugly
Is your menstrual cycle regular?o YesoNo 
I have interrupted sleepo Yeso Sometimeso Never
I eat junk food to feel bettero Noo Yes 
You wake upo Excitedo No emotionso Depressed
You sex life iso Satisfyingo Can’t sayo Non existent
I exercise for at least 15 minuteso Dailyo Sometimeso Never
I need to smoke/alcohol to feel relaxedo Nevero Sometimeso Daily
I have a friend/relative who listens to me patientlyo Yeso No 
My relationships areo Harmoniouso No commento Difficult
I pursue a hobbyo Yeso No 
I worry about future at least 3 times a dayo Noo Sometimeso Yes
I procrastinateo Nevero Sometimeso Always
I take a vacationo 2-3 timeso 1/yearo Never

Score Analysis:

Total > 9=Very High Stress

Next step: You must take immediate steps to have better control over your life. This can be done by reorganizing priorities.(click here) 

Total between 3 and 6 =Mild Stress

Next step: You are not that stressed, but life can become stressful if you don’t start to pay attention to it now. Bringing small changes in life can prevent you from further stress. 

Total between 0 and 2 =You are happy and blessed!

Next step: Just continue living the way you are living right now and you will be stress free always!

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