Things That Should Be Avoided Post-IUI

Post IUI

Sooner or later, every couple wishes to have a baby and start planning their family. However, this is not easy for everyone as for some parenthood can be a dream. While some may achieve pregnancy in a couple of weeks or months, others may have to wait for years to finally welcome their little one into their life. There are still couples out there who have been trying hard, without any success. The advancements in medical science have given birth to many treatment modalities that have become a ray of hope for such couples. It has become possible to achieve pregnancy using different ways of conception, with the help of assisted reproductive techniques like IUI or intrauterine insemination. The procedure is offered at all the leading fertility treatment center in Noida

What is IUI and how can it help? 

Just like other assisted reproductive techniques like IVF (in vitro fertilization), it aims at helping childless couples realise their dream of holding their babies. The technique involves the direct implantation of the sperm taken from the male partner into the uterus of the female. The sperm is inserted beyond the cervix, shortening the distance that it has to travel in order to reach the egg for fertilizing it. It is very important to understand that the time taken by the sperm to reach the egg is indirectly proportional to the chances of conception which means that the chances of a successful pregnancy are higher every time taken by the sperm to reach the egg is reduced. The technique works by increasing the number of sperm entering the fallopian tube.

Before the procedure, IVF experts, like Dr. Shweta Goswami, closely monitor the egg and may even recommend stimulation medicines for enhancing ovulation and the reproduction process. Once the ovulation cycle is complete, your doctor will start with the IUI procedure. 

Wondering if you can opt for IUI?

IUI is a medical technique that helps you to conceive, however, it is important to understand that the procedure is not meant for every couple. It is usually recommended in case of

  • Donor sperm 
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Endometriosis related infertility
  • Male factor infertility
  • Cervical factor infertility 
  • Ovulatory factor infertility 
  • Semen allergy

The procedure may work successfully for some people and not for others depending upon the overall health evaluation of the patient as well as the biological conditions that have caused infertility. So experts from the best IUI treatment center in Noida suggest that it is always a better idea to get yourself evaluated first and then plan out the treatment with your doctor. 

What are the things that you need to avoid post-IUI?

IUI procedure, itself, is considered to be the initial step of the treatment and your major focus after the implantation should be on creating a healthy environment to aid conception. Zeeva Fertility team lays a lot of emphasis on incorporating healthy habits in the day to day routine, which helps to increase the chances of conception. Here are a few tips recommended by our experts

  • Avoid taking painkillers – It is quite common to experience cramps and pain after the IUI procedure however it is important to avoid taking painkillers as these can alleviate the success rate of the treatment. Some medicines like antispasmodics are safe, while others ibuprofen are not, so it is always a better idea to check the same with your doctor.

Avoid lifting heavy weight – Lifting heavy objects not only increases your pain and cramps but also damages the inner lining of the uterus. This naturally brings down the chances of success of the treatment. 

Kick the Stress Away – No doubt, the treatment can be overwhelming at times, but taking unnecessary stress is only going to add to your problems. The stress hormones released by a body can disrupt the normal functioning of the reproductive hormones and make it difficult for you to conceive. So it is always a better idea to stay optimistic and positive. 

Refrain from smoking and drinking – Both of these habits are very harmful to your fertility. Cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals that can disrupt the treatment, making it hard for you to conceive. You need to strictly refrain from these after your IUI procedure.

  • Skip going to the pool – As per the best infertility treatment specialists in Noida, you should strictly refrain from entering the pool for at least 48 hours following the IUI procedure. Although swimming may not directly impact the treatment, being underwater for long can expose you to the risks of infection. So it is always a better idea to avoid going swimming for at least two days. 
  • Avoid rigorous activities – To prepare your body for the IUI procedure, you may have spent the past few weeks or months indulging in various physical activities and going to the gym. Now that the procedure is done, you need to refrain from all kinds of rigorous activities and heavy exercises as these can have a drastic impact on the success rate of the procedure. This however does not mean that you have to sit in bed all day. You can still indulge in light exercises that can help to enhance the flow of blood towards the uterus. 

If you are planning to opt for the IUI procedure, make it a point to consult your expert and discuss the procedure. Do not shy away from asking questions and follow all the recommended guidelines. For any assistance or guidance, consult our experts at Zeeva Fertility today.

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