Third Party IVF Process

Third party IVF or Third-party reproduction is used by couples who are unable to reproduce in the traditional manner, where one or both partners is infertile. The use of in vitro fertilization that includes a 3rd-party in-vitro-fertilization is increasing. In women who are over 40 years age, third-party IVF has become the dominant treatment. Third party IVF or donor-assisted reproduction is any human reproduction in which DNA or gestation is provided by a third party or donor other than the one or two parents who will raise the resulting child.

Examples include:

  • Sperm donation. If sperm count is low, we can extract viable sperm from a sample. If sperm are nonexistent, however, using donor sperm offers a way to have a baby using a mother’s egg.

  • Egg donation. Donor eggs are a perfect solution when a mother’s eggs are not viable or if the mother’s infertility diagnosis means she has no eggs available. The father’s sperm and the donor egg are joined together and the resulting embryo is transplanted. Also, the donor eggs have the same IVF success rate as the age of the donor? This is great news for women in their 40s and early 50s who may have had failed IVF cycles or who want to increase their chances of success as much as possible.

  • Embryo donation. It’s fairly common for couples who have gone through IVF to have remaining embryos that they decide not to use for future pregnancies. Many of these couples choose to donate their embryos to others who aren’t able to produce a viable embryo using their own sperm and/or egg.

  • Gestational Carriers and Surrogates. Gestational carriers have an embryo, made from the parent’s and/or donor’s egg/sperm, implanted into their uterus to carry the baby full-term. These options provide a wonderful solution for mothers who aren’t able to have a full-term pregnancy or for same sex male couples who want to use their sperm and feel connected to the pregnancy and birthing process.

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